Turkey Hunting

It is starting to break daylight on a cool spring morning.  A gobbler shatters the morning silence from a roost fairly close.  Soft yelping lets him know where you and the decoys wait.  You hear the distinctive flydown sound.  A few more yelps bring a thundering response and you know he's close. His blue head appears in the brush just out of range.  He moves into view in full strut and lets loose with a leaf shaking gobble.  Wake up! Nice dream.  Breakfast is ready, let' go hunt!

That is what awaits you at Cedar Farm Plantations.  We are located in prime south Georgia turkey country.  Our guides have years of experience hunting the monarchs of the spring.  We have ground blinds or can move around for a bird far off.  We specialize in first time turkey hunters, especially kids. Bring your video camera and get it all on film.  All you need is camo clothing, we can supply all the rest.

Make the dream a reality!